By Andrew Farley

Untangling 45 Lies Christians Have Been Told

Lie #23 You're Not Really Righteous

Lie #24 Glory

Lie #25 Spirit And Flesh

Lie #26 Desires

Lie #27 You, As A Believer, Have A Sinful Nature

Lie #28 True Believers Don't Commit Sins Anymore

Lie #29 You Can Get Closer to God Over Time

Lie #30 You Should Try to Abide in Christ and Put God First

Lie #31 Being Filled With The Spirit is For Signs and Wonders

Lie #32 It's Hard to Know God's Will for Your Life!

Lie #33 God Forgives You, Little By Little, Each Time You Sin

Lie #34 You Need to Confess Each Sin to Be Forgiven and Cleansed by God

Lie #35 You Should Examine Your Sins Before Taking the Lord's Supper

Lie #36 You Can Fall Away

Lie #37 If You Sin Willfully, God Won’t Forgive You

Lie #38 A Believer’s Forgiveness Is Conditional And Can Be Forfeited

Lie #39 Grace Means There Are No Consequences for Sin

Lie #40 You’ll Pass Through Two Final Judgments

Lie #41 Every Day You’re Gaining or Losing Heavenly Rewards

Lie #42 It’s Healthy to Be Afraid of God

Lie #43 If You Commit Big Sins, You Should Be Kicked Out of Church

Lie #44 You Should Edify Yourself, And Tongues Is Evidence Of Salvation

Lie #45 God Promises Wealth and Health to Every Believer