Referrals & Referral Partners
"Trusted Vendors & Advisors I Endorse"

I take referrals very seriously. I only refer people and businesses in which I have invested time and/or money. In turn, they have proven they can get the job done and are honest and ethical.

How seriously do I take it? so seriously that if my referrals do not continue to live up to what I consider excellent business standards they are removed from the list and it's unlikely they'll ever return to this list.

None of the those listed pay me to be on my list. However, in the interest of full disclosure, some of these partners do pay commissions as a thank you for a good reference.

If you are looking for excellent products and services I encourage you to consider my referral partners. If you have a question about any of them or would like to share input on them please fill out the simple form below. I would be happy to respond quickly.

● Business Automation
● Email Marketing
● Sales Management

Keap is a small and medium-sized business marketing and automation system. Designed to be simple to use and to maximize the time and effort it takes to manage your leads, customers, vendors and contacts. World-class email marketing takes the system to a new level of performance, flexibility, and ease of use.

● Free Online Meetings
● Unlimited Time
● Unlimited Guests

Your virtual office should be able to do more than most companies on the market. We trust in MEETN as a preferred meeting space. Click the link to Zoom over and get your FREE account today. No credit card needed!