Some of My Favorite Recipes
"Midwest Fusions"

--Fusing Midwest Cooking with the American Southwest

OK. This may not be what you expect from this website, but I am a confessed "Foodie". I love to cook and really love it when it wows the wife and family. What a kick!

My background is in science. Meteorology to be more specific. It doesn't seem to fit with the creativity of cooking but I figured it out why it works for me. Preparing and cooking food is really just a big chemistry experiment. You take many different raw ingredients and mix them up. Prepare and cook them and the change in chemistry gets you an amazing final result. Plus it's a ton of fun--when it works!

I have gotten all the mistakes out of the way so you can just follow the directions and get it to work for you every time. The following recipes are not hard. ---IF and only IF you just follow the directions.

The Prime Rib is a great example. We were told forever that you cook prime rib for a certain number of minutes per pound of weight. Baloney! Meat varies in density and other ways. Cook it to temperature and it will be excellent every single time. There are a couple of other tips in the video that help you "wow the crowd", too. Watch it and try it yourself.