Welcome to Ed Phillips Group
"Home of Business Automation & Media Marketing"

Over the years, I have dedicated time to working with clients who are ready to get to the next level of their business operations. My systems save clients from three simple things

Time Vampire Activities

Wasting ad money on "Marketing Agencies"
Many hours of frustration
Promises made to you and not kept

Many clients are able to double and triple their revenue streams because now their business is working for them rather than it being the other way around.

Some business-related tasks can be automated and made incredibly efficient. 

I know... I fell into that rut myself.

This site is designed to be a portal to my wisdom and business expertise. While the information I provide here is valuable, my end goal is to help business owners succeed! This is why I work with clients in 3 different ways.

Simplify The Message And Win Your Audience

With over 30 years in the media business, which some of you may know about, I have developed  a very sensible skill that can only be developed in years of experience and time.

Business owners have to market, advertise and promote.

Consumers are already present in specific places to receive that information.

Clear, Direct, and Differentiating

If your message is not Clear, Direct, and Differentiating... More than likely your advertisement, promotion and marketing efforts will result in poor return on investment.


With more recent digital development to include platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and the other 100 new audience building memberships you can open up... it has become radically difficult to discern where to invest your hard earned dollars on the "maybe" marketing endeavor.

Its simple.

Consumers on the internet and social media platforms want to see interesting content with captivating headlines that are relevant to their current consumer experience.

And this strategy guide shows you exactly how to do it.

Just CLICK HERE to get "The Ultimate Strategy Guide For Online Marketing" 

Action Drives Success

While you have already done so much work in your business, I have a few general rules of engagement for people that want to do business with me!

  • Business is a relationship

I value each and every business owner that I come into contact with. My team and I take a holistic approach to consulting and will look at your business as if it were our own. (Most agencies simply do not care.. because your paying them $5,000 plus a month and already paid.)

If you need something ask for it! Often times I have a free guide, or some referral link that you can have which will jump start your journey where ever you are at on the path. (Especially for Email Automation and Digital Marketing)

  • Communication is Key

I rely on email and digital meeting spaces. It is very easy to schedule a quick strategy session and as long as we have a plan we can get a lot out of a small amount of time.

I like to have a clear and direct line of communication with business owners and the needs they have.

Once you are on-boarded as a client, our team will create a digital working space where we can all see the same thing!

  •  I work with clients at their desired speed

Often times we have so many activities to accomplish the list keeps growing but the productivity goes down and the feeling of being overwhelmed sets in.

I work in very strategic and tactical business enviornments to ensure that your goals are achieved and projects stay on track.

If you want to sprint to success we will work with you as fast as you can go.

If you need to take a break and brainstorm with your business partners we can easily pause and set up automatic reminders to keep track of the goals we set.

Your Business - My Solutions - Your Success

The concept here is that ultimately you are responsible for your company and the success you want to achieve. Sometimes, you simply need the experience and know how to automate business operations so that you can dedicate managerial time in delegating tasks versus working the business as its employee and owner. (This model simply plateaus your business success because one person can only do so much...)

The solutions and systems I provide clients by ether teaching how (monthly consulting plan) or done for you service (Hourly Rates/ Project Estimate) will ultimately help your business either Launch, Grow or Scale.

The decision is in your hands!

"It is  a great day for Email Automation & Digital Marketing"

Highest Regards,


P.S. Click the button for a Business Strategy Guide for Online Marketing. No cost, just great information for you and your business.